Market Cap: $1 613 224 898 870 (2.68%)
  • Volume 24h: $102 671 773 465 (6.36%)
  • Market Cap Change 24h: 2.68%
  • BTC dominance: 44.71%

Wagerr WGR

Wagerr cryptocurrency is the first bookmaker office based on blockchain technology

Wagerr is the first blockchain platform designed to place sports bets. At the time of its appearance, it was the first decentralized bookmaker office based on blockchain networks.

Industry: Gambling Token Blockchain: Waves CMC Rank: 963 Team Location: Australia
  • USD: $0.039
    1h: 0.28% 24h: 1.08% 7d: 29.2%
  • BTC: 0.00000098 BTC
  • WAVES: 0.0024 WAVES
All Time High: $0.93 5 years ago
Current price is -96 % from ATH
  • Cap: $8 505 406
  • Vol 24h: $3 464 (0.04 %)
  • Circulating: 219 871 234 WGR

Wagerr ICO stats:

ICO dates: 01 Jun, 2017 - 25 Jun, 2017 (6 years ago)
ICO platform: Ethereum
ICO price: $0.055 USD | 0.00024 ETH
Raised on ICO: $10 837 500 USD
WGR tokens sold on ICO: 170 000 000 WGR (77.3% of circulating supply)

ROI since ICO:

x0.70 in USD x0.08 in ETH x0.05 in BTC

Peak ROI in USD: x16.99

Wagerr Price Chart

About Wagerr

Today there are a huge number of bookmakers. And they are associated with a number of problems in this business: the lack of guarantees in receiving a win, a large amount of commission paid to the bookmaker, fake matches and some other unpleasant moments. The main problem is that the system is controlled by people, and their main goal is their own enrichment. The decentralized blockchain network can be an alternative here. In a number of countries, gambling associated with sports betting is prohibited by law. In this case, players turn to underground bookmakers and expose themselves to a number of risks. Criminal prosecution, the threat of loss of invested money, problems that criminal elements are capable of delivering are only part of the problems. And avoiding them will help appeal to a decentralized, completely legal betting network - to Wagerr. WGR tokens are used to exchange, bid and access services in the Wagerr system. They are not the same type of cryptocurrency as, for example, Bitcoin.

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