Market Cap: $1 613 224 898 870 (2.68%)
  • Volume 24h: $102 671 773 465 (6.36%)
  • Market Cap Change 24h: 2.68%
  • BTC dominance: 44.71%


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  1. BKEX BKEX (100%)
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CMC Rank: 425
  • USD: $0.46
    1h: 2.31% 24h: 4.17% 7d: 16.12%
  • BTC: 0.000014 BTC
All Time High: $1.89 7 months ago
Current price is -76 % from ATH
  • Cap: $44 303 420
  • Vol 24h: $2 946 002 (6.65 %)
  • Circulating: 97 291 071 MASS (100.0 %)
  • Total: 97 291 071 MASS

Top MASS Exchanges
  1. BKEX BKEX (100%)
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About MASS

The MASS consensus engine aims to become the basic infrastructure to all blockchain consensus layers. Based on a Proof-of-Capacity consensus protocol, the MASS consensus engine creates a consensus layer that is permissionless, fair, energy efficiency, secure, and universal, ensuring the fundamental security of the public chain.

The MASS consensus engine is universal and is capable of providing consensus services across any number of public chains. Nodes use storage capacity to run the consensus protocol and do not require permission. The MASS consensus engine is fair and energy efficient; only a very small amount of computing resources are required, meaning everyone has the chance to participate.

MASS Net is the first public chain to make use of the MASS consensus engine. MASS is the store of value in circulation in MASS Net, and is also the value anchor for the MASS consensus engine.

The MASS community is a non-profit online organisation that works for the popularisation of blockchain technology. It was launched in 2017 by Dr. Ren Ling.

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