Market Cap: $1 613 224 898 870 (2.68%)
  • Volume 24h: $102 671 773 465 (6.36%)
  • Market Cap Change 24h: 2.68%
  • BTC dominance: 44.71%

Dentacoin DCN

Providing best possible dental care through blockchain

The first ever token to be used within the modern dental industry designed to provide access to first-rate dental care to the people.

Industry: Healthcare Token Blockchain: Ethereum CMC Rank: 620 Team Location: Netherlands
  • USD: $0.000036
    1h: 0.46% 24h: 0.69% 7d: 8.01%
  • BTC: 0.00000000092 BTC
  • ETH: 0.000000015 ETH
All Time High: $0.0060 6 years ago
Current price is -99 % from ATH
  • Cap: $25 758 790
  • Vol 24h: $271 144 (1.05 %)
  • Circulating: 710 839 308 006 DCN (8.9 %)
  • Total: 8 000 000 000 000 DCN (100.0%)
  • Max: 8 000 000 000 000 DCN

Dentacoin ICO stats:

ICO dates: 01 Jul, 2017 - 01 Aug, 2017 (6 years ago)
ICO platform: Ethereum
ICO price: $0.00010 USD | 0.00000033 ETH

ROI since ICO:

x0.36 in USD x0.06 in ETH x0.05 in BTC

Peak ROI in USD: x59.85

Dentacoin Price Chart

About Dentacoin

Dentacoin (DCN) is a project conceived in order to reform the dental industry that’s been quite restrictive both in terms of price as well as availability. The stated goal is to once again foreground the patients and their care and health, by implementing the cutting-edge technologies in the form of decentralized software, making the usage and care for people much more affordable, easy to use and secure in general. The highly skilled team of dental and technical professionals from around the world worked hard to create the next long-term revolution in the affordable health care industry. By creating a free and open market space for goods and software related to dentistry, the project will allow anybody, all but regardless of their financial situation, to enjoy first-rate help of the foremost world professionals. The decentralized nature of the project allows to avoid stifling governmental and corporate oversight that would drive the prices up and cost-efficiency down.

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