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Building the most convenient ID verification tool on the blockchain technology

Giving the users an all-in-one way to verify their identities for more goods and service providers around the web, using blockchain for safety.

Industry: Identity Token Blockchain: NEO CMC Rank: 1253 Team Location: Singapore, China
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All Time High: $0.039 3 years ago
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  • Total: 9 795 844 687 TKY


ICO dates: 15 Jan, 2018 - 15 Jan, 2018 (3 years ago)
ICO platform: NEO
ICO price: $0.035 USD | 0.00022 NEO

ROI since ICO:

x0.02 in USD x0.12 in NEO x0.01 in BTC

Peak ROI in USD: x1.12

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THEKEY project is looking to tap into the comprehensive system of identification employed by the government itself to look over its citizenry. The idea is to create an all-encompassing system of identity verification, that would allow anybody to go through the process of confirming that it is truly them accessing such and such service or trying to purchase different goods. Using already established in every country on Earth system of identity profiling, there will be no need for users to actually sign in, upload any documents or do anything of the sort. There will already be a user profile for every person possible. The use of blockchain technology means, in turn, that the information about each user would be stored in blocks on the decentralized, distributed ledger, which would allow an unprecedented security, while at the same time being totally transparent, and fast as well. By using THEKEY, users around the world would ensure their identities would never get stolen.

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