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  • Volume 24h: $156 808 813 747 (10.42%)
  • Market Cap Change 24h: 0.52%
  • BTC dominance: 58.93%

Metal MTL

Converting crypto and getting extra money for it

Metal is a project that offers rewards for any transaction users make within the platform, which gives the opportunity to broaden the usage of cryptocurrency.

Token Blockchain: Ethereum CMC Rank: 279 Team Location: San Francisco, CA
  • USD: $1.29
    1h: 0.19% 24h: 3.53% 7d: 49.56%
  • BTC: 0.000027 BTC
  • ETH: 0.00083 ETH
All Time High: $17.03 2 years ago
Current price is -92 % from ATH
  • Cap: $83 401 198
  • Vol 24h: $55 976 818 (67.12 %)
  • Circulating: 64 633 864 MTL (97.1 %)
  • Total: 66 588 888 MTL

Metal ICO stats:

ICO dates: 09 Jun, 2017 - 09 Jun, 2017 (3 years ago)
ICO platform: Ethereum
ICO price: $0.18 USD | 0.00066 ETH
Raised on ICO: $1 945 000 USD
MTL tokens sold on ICO: 16 500 000 MTL (25.5% of circulating supply)

ROI since ICO:

x7.17 in USD x1.26 in ETH x0.42 in BTC

Peak ROI in USD: x94.61

Metal Price Chart

About Metal

Metal (MTL) is a peer-to-peer platform for exchanging fiat money for cryptocurrency and vice versa. At the early stages the development team had been focusing on the Bitcoin experience when creating their platform. And more precisely, Metal team carefully studied Bitcoin’s mistakes. Therefore, the creators of MTL tried to avoid the pitfalls that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies faced during the period of raising popularity. Having done deep analyses regarding Bitcoin drawbacks, the creators of Metal made their product not only extremely safe and protected, but also as easy to learn as possible. This approach is focused on attracting novice users who do not want or can not understand the complex management of Bitcoin and similar currencies.
In addition to the token itself, the Metal platform is also going to provide a wide range of tools to support and develop small and medium businesses in the near future.
Now users are offered a mobile application which has a form of a wallet, with the help of which they can carry out the necessary transactions in real time.
Metal seeks to popularize the use of cryptocurrencies and make them as accessible and convenient as possible for all members of the network. The platform offers a number of tools that can integrate with banking structures and businesses, as well as serve private users of the system, charging participants with bonuses for using the decentralized application.
The main feature of the Metal platform is its PoPP algorithm (Proof-of-Processed Payments network protocol). Proof-of-Processed Payments is a way to identify users in the system, in which the performer of the operation (entering money into the system or making a transaction) receives a reward from it. That means that MTL users are rewarded for any transactions with MTL tokens. For each action within the Metal system, user will receive
a reward depending on the size of the transaction volume.
When making purchases, exchanging tokens or carrying out other transactions, users pay 0% commissions, and moreover, they also receive additional rewards which can reach up to 5%. For example, by carrying out a transaction of $100 through the Metal Pay application, user and his recipient can additionally receive up to $5 in MTL. These tokens are considered to be highly liquid, because they are easily exchanged for other tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges or converted into cash using the application.
But if you just want to keep Metal, rewards are provided even for just holding. Metal simplifies payment processes providing easy entry into the world of cryptocurrencies.
The more active the user in the Metal system is, the more internal cryptocurrency he earns.
Such a reward system makes the developed application popular and relevant for operations. The emphasis is made on transactions running frequently, as well as the usage of bank accounts or cards. Such a mechanism of linking banks and cryptocurrencies will be useful both for ordinary users and for businessmen.
The Metal platform offers a variety of benefits among which are possibility to carry out instant transactions around the world and a lack of intermediaries and fees within the platform. Also, developers ensure high protection of personal information and fixed current price of a cryptocurrency for payments, which helps to avoid the influence of volatility. And the main positive point is usage of credit and debit cards to make purchases with crypto.
The last factor provides the widespread usage of Metal platform. Consumers can convert money from bank cards into cryptocurrency or vice versa directly, avoiding centralized exchanges and risks associated with their activities.
All in all, the platform has a great potential, because, in fact, it provides an opportunity to earn coins from everyday operations with cryptocurrencies. Thanks to MTL, people can start learning the benefits of cryptocurrency as the platform provides absolutely transparent and easy-to-use interface. Choosing between numerous applications that do not offer rewards and Metal that offers up to 5%, it is easy for traders to make a decision in favor of project.
Metal Tokens (MTL) can be purchased on Binance, Cryptopia and Bittrex exchanges, where 90% of trades on this token take place.

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