Market Cap: $270 059 723 543 (2.17%)
  • Volume 24h: $56 867 322 388 (21.06%)
  • Market Cap Change 24h: 2.17%
  • BTC dominance: 68.53%


The main goal is to provide traders and professional investors interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technology the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency

The exchange started working in 2013 in a form of Bitcoin exchange for professionals and traders with high turnover. It is part of the company Lake Banking Technology, which is registered in Shanghai.

Volume 24h: $11 809 250

LakeBTC company appeared in 2013 in Shanghai, China. The main task of the service is to provide retail space for sellers and professional investors who are interested in cryptocurrency. Despite the fact that this site operates mainly in the Asian market, it is translated into several languages: English, Japanese, French, Swedish, Portuguese and Spanish. However, there is no Russian version of the site at the moment. Initially, the LakeBTC service focused only on working with Bitcoins but later will be expanded to the range of available coins. In addition to the services of buying/selling coins, the site provides commercial developments that allow the use of cryptocurrency to pay for services and goods. LakeBTC does not charge fees for depositing funds using Bitcoin, Ripple or System Banker. Other fees depend on the specific procedure. For buyers, trade commissions are 0.2%, for sellers - 0-0.15%. If the client's investment grows, the commission decreases. This means that the more trades a client makes in a month, the less commission fees he has to pay. The site has all the necessary tools, including indicators and charts, designed for analyzing quotes. Thanks to LakeBTC's flexible trading platform, you can create your own custom indicators and work with scripts. Such an opportunity will appeal to those traders who are used to predicting quotes themselves. At LakeBTC, you can buy coins at the market price or for the one that you specified. In the first case, the transaction is completed immediately. In the second, you set the price yourself and if the desired price and the market price do not match, then you have to wait for the opening of the transaction. The transaction will be opened when the value of the asset reaches the mark at which the user is ready to buy/sell the currency.

LakeBTC coins

Coin Volume 24h USD Volume 24h BTC
Bitcoin $13 967 518 1 344 BTC
Litecoin $57.00 0.0044 BTC
Ethereum $21.57 0.0021 BTC
XRP $5.17 0.00050 BTC
Bitcoin Cash $4.79 0.00055 BTC

LakeBTC markets

Coin Market Volume 24h USD Volume 24h BTC
Bitcoin BTC/USD $11 781 774 1 134 BTC
Bitcoin BTC/JPY $1 082 966 104.2 BTC
Bitcoin BTC/EUR $723 060 69.57 BTC
Bitcoin BTC/CAD $189 361 18.22 BTC
Bitcoin BTC/GBP $99 328 9.56 BTC
Bitcoin BTC/AUD $47 248 4.54 BTC
Bitcoin BTC/SGD $42 989 4.14 BTC
Bitcoin BTC/CHF $662.1 0.064 BTC
Bitcoin BTC/HKD $86.40 0.014 BTC
Litecoin LTC/BTC $57.00 0.0044 BTC
Bitcoin BTC/NZD $43.93 0.0087 BTC
Ethereum ETH/BTC $21.57 0.0021 BTC
XRP XRP/BTC $5.17 0.00050 BTC
Bitcoin Cash BCH/BTC $4.79 0.00055 BTC