Market Cap: $1 460 452 904 658 (0.85%)
  • Volume 24h: $169 778 366 849 (11.63%)
  • Market Cap Change 24h: 0.85%
  • BTC dominance: 59.31%

YOU Chain

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Blockchain OS for DApps

A platform forming an actual, conveniently usable operational system that is placed entirely on the distributed ledger with an emphasis on the Chinese market.

CMC Rank: 879
  • USD: $0.0082
    1h: 0.14% 24h: 5.17% 7d: 27.55%
  • BTC: 0.00000018 BTC
All Time High: $0.11 1 year ago
Current price is -93 % from ATH
  • Cap: $6 105 464
  • Vol 24h: $1 105 110 (18.10 %)
  • Circulating: 734 466 697 YOU (28.2 %)
  • Total: 2 608 000 000 YOU

Top YOU Chain Exchanges
  1. OKEx OKEx (100%)
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About YOU Chain

YOU Chain is the project that is based out of Singapore, and it is making a convenient, easy-to-use and very user-oriented blockchain that the team is building straight from the ground up and that is about to revolutionize how we treat our operational systems. By storing the entirety of the code and interactive information of their operational system on the distributed ledger, they are making a fundamentally new approach to how we think about the software that runs our computers and other devices every single day. YOU chain’s particular emphasis is on the commercially-built and available decentralized applications, which is what they plan would be the primary driving force behind the community and the ecosystem they are creating at large. By allowing a much larger share of people using the blockchain technology and familiar with at least the basics of blockchain development to participate in the most important product development - the decentralized applications, YOU Chain’s team is creating a unique blockchain platform.

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