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Blockchain-based DNA hub

Creating a platform in order to provide healthcare services to people globally with its foundation of the largest DNA information base in the world.

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About Project SHIVOM

Shivom (token ticker OXM) is aiming to become the world’s largest database of the DNA information ever, and that is by no means a great ambition. The multi-national team of consummate professionals comprising the Shivom project is assured that the DNA sampling will be so important in the future that there is a need to seize on that market right now, while it’s still in its nascent state, and by bringing the database of the people’s DNA to the blockchain, that information would be perfectly secure and protected from any possible manipulation that may happen if all of that information is given into the wrong hands. The very system of the blockchain would protect the information stored in those blocks from being accessed by the third parties. But on top of the obvious issue of security of the platform itself, the Shivom project is the research and development center - the staff is filled with doctors with decades of experience, and using that expertise to create the best, most advanced genome products.

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