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Matic Network

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Matic Network MATIC

Blockchain project aimed at solving the problem of scalability and dApps integration

MATIC is a cryptocurrency of a promising project that focuses on improvement of decentralized applications implementation and scalability technology.

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All Time High: $2.62 3 years ago
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  • Cap: $5 838 409 938
  • Vol 24h: $549 159 806 (9.41 %)
  • Circulating: 6 330 554 997 MATIC (63.3 %)
  • Total: 10 000 000 000 MATIC

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About Matic Network

Matic Network (MATIC) is a project with the main goal to solve the problem of Ethereum blockchain scalability. Matic Network provides technical solutions to achieve better scalability through the sidechains for off-chain calculations and providing the assets security with the help of Plasma infrastructure and decentralized Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators network.
Matic is developed to become the platform that helps its users to implement their decentralized applications (dApps). Matic Network’s project team made a great contribution to Ethereum in general working on Plasma MVP (Minimum Viable Plasma) implementation, WalletConnect protocol and widely used mechanism of Ethereum events notifications - Dagger.
The industry of so-called dApps is improving rapidly. But at the same time, blockchain technologies are not ready to provide the needed level of scalability. The ever present problem of confirmation and gas fees slows down the mass use and efficient work of applications. Matic Network offers the real solutions to overcome this and provide simple and adopted interaction between any user and the decentralized technologies. The platform is creating a special architecture and an entire ecosystem with the help of Plasma framework offering really high speed of all the processes and significantly reduced transactional fees. To maintain the network activity, Matic uses Proof-of-Stake system pushed to the Ethereum mainchain. It allows every platform’s sidechain to make more than 65 000 transactions per block and millions of them using multiple chains.
So Matic Network focuses on Ethereum scalability improvement in adopted Plasma network. As scalability is very important for Ethereum network, there are some competitive projects aiming to do the same things, but if Matic becomes the first at providing solutions, or if these solutions are better, then it will become one of the greatest blockchain projects.
The key features and advantages of Matic Network platform are the following:
-Scalability. Fast, low-cost and safe transactions on the Matic sidechains with completion on the mainnet and Ethereum acting as the basic level;
-High level of capacity. It reaches 10000 TPS on one sidechain within the testnet; Few chains will be added for horizontal scalability;
-User experience: high-quality UX; own smartphone applications and SDK with WalletConnect support;
-High level of security. Matic chains operators are the PoS system participant;
-Asset Interoperability. Matic Network will provide different sidechains assets integration;
-One Step DeFi platform. Matic sidechains allow to implement few protocols and use extended applications for decentralized financing.
-dApps integration and so on.
The integration of decentralized application is a very important feature of Matic Network platform. It helps developers to increase the scalability of dApps and provides the opportunity to pay the platform’s services with new tokens issued by Matic Network users. Matic also provides its users with SDK and API making the process of development and implementation as easy and convenient as possible. Matic can be integrated into the users’ dApps just in few simple steps and help developers to interact with their clients with high level of security, and efficiency optimizing the process in whole.
The team announced an ambitious roadmap that includes a great number of main products releases, decentralized applications, integrations and so on. Below you can find some of the main stages outlined:
-Plasma cross-swaps between different ERC standards development;
-Ethereum-based assets deposits/ withdrawals with the help of Plasma;
-Built-in PoS validators;
-Matic Wallet issue and WalletConnect integration.
-Mainnet beta-version run;
-Assets exchange support in the mainnet;
-Smart contract support with PoS guarantees;
-Final Matic Network Mainnet launch;
-Special transactional pool providing the easy assets transfers from Ethereum to Matic;
And so forth.
So Matic Network developers have a long way to go. Of course, the roadmap can be changed a little as far as time goes by and the project is developing and growing. But looking at the project’s progress and direction we can be positive about its future development.
Matic Network team is on the way to launch the final product, but the test version and the platform’s progress make it a very promising and reliable project. One thing team can do at the moment of project’s development - is active marketing promotion and social network growth. These things could help developers to draw more community attention and find more supporters among the crypto enthusiasts, professionals and investors.

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