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  • Volume 24h: $113 688 799 237 (45.13%)
  • Market Cap Change 24h: 12.34%
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Indicoin INDI

Blockchain platform to encourage socially responsible behavior

A project created to allow people to reward the social acts in the form of decentralized peer-to-peer currency transfers.

Industry: Social Token Blockchain: Ethereum CMC Rank: 1103 Team Location: India
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All Time High: $0.074 1 year ago
Current price is -96 % from ATH
  • Cap: $162 156
  • Vol 24h: $0.00 (0.00 %)
  • Circulating: 60 000 000 INDI (16.7 %)
  • Total: 360 000 000 INDI

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About Indicoin

Indicoin (token ticker INDI) is the project created to fulfill a certain obligation to the communities around the world: the main goal is to create a space where the people are rewarded for their socially responsible acts. The users doing socially important work would get an opportunity to get rewards based on those good deeds in the form of token, which later could be exchanged for the fiat currency or paid forward to other users doing social services to others. The platform will also be a content aggregator, allowing its users to post from anywhere with assured anonymity and have their content efforts rewarded by the system without having to worry about the decentralized platforms taking down the content or trying to regulate or manage it. The decision process for the platform at large will be in the hands of the users themselves, voting on the matters in a direct and a very democratic procedure whereby the question of which content to promote and reward will be left up to the participants.

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