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A comprehensive project looking to become the big player in the autonomous car industry

Cube is a far-reaching project enveloping many features of the autonomous (or self-driving) vehicles; Cube is working on things ranging from security, auto parking and more.

Industry: Transportation Token Blockchain: Ethereum CMC Rank: 276 Team Location: London, United Kingdom
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  • Circulating: 6 774 940 000 AUTO (94.1 %)
  • Total: 7 200 000 000 AUTO

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About Cube

Cube (AUTO) is a project located in London that is a multi-part, multi-feature project aimed at creating lots of functionalities for autonomous vehicles’ (or self-driving cars) future needs. The idea is that the self-driving automobile market will overcome the traditional one in the nearest future , creating a space for billions upon billions of dollars to be earned. So Cube is developing a comprehensive approach to the needs of that nascent market. Cube works to invent different useful technologies in developed self-driving automobiles using its own resources available to them at the moment; their product also includes the natively-built car security algorithm, which would help to protect the autonomous automobiles from the hacking attempts, malicious electronic attacks etc, which is a rather large point of interest for many future self-driving car “passengers”. Cube assures the potential backers in the total security of its platform. On top of that, they are creating a P2P car sharing and a marketplace.

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