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Forcing crypto adoption by the world

A platform that provides a variety of user-friendly financial tools.

Token Blockchain: Ethereum
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All Time High: $22.02 6 years ago
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Currently, the cryptocurrency is integrating in our everyday life at a quick rate. There are a lot of experts and crypto enthusiasts who claim that cryptocurrency and blockchain create value for society. However, there are still a lot of people who consider crypto a “bubble” and remain wary of it. By the way, despite the fact that crypto trends gain momentum, token owners not always know how to spend them in everyday situations. project aims to revolutionize present situation and change beliefs about digital currency for the better.
The team from Hong Kong strongly believes that decentralization is a way towards improved society. According to their philosophy, it is necessary to create user-friendly products that could be introduced to the mass market. is an innovative payment and cryptocurrency platform with the purpose to accelerate the process of crypto adoption by the world. It strives to develop cryptocurrency projects as well as trader’s tools so they accept crypto as a form of payment. is a renamed Monaco project, which appeared after the Monaco’s card provider purchased a domain name for 10 million dollars. The previous project went through a rebranding and set a new objective - “forcing the world’s switch to digital currency”.
The platform suggests the following core products and services: mobile wallet app and Visa cards, investing platform, crediting services and many more.
The great attribute of the wallet is its capability to conduct all financial manipulations with world top cryptocurrencies using an attached card. At the moment, the wallet supports 7 cryptocurrencies and 7 fiat currencies. It gives an opportunity to get an access to real-time exchange with savings from 5 to 8%, which is not possible to gain in ordinary bank. Users can also carry out crypto to crypto exchanges on no-fee basis. The e-wallet also rewards holders in case of sharing the platform with peers. For every attracted customer users can get 10-25% commission every time someone who get a referral code makes a purchase with money from digital wallet. The project offers Visa credit cards with various amount of tokens. Each card offers a cash back depending on the card lockup. The larger lockup of the card, the more benefits a user gets. The spectrum of Visa Cards includes a variety of ССs from Obsidian Black, which is considered to be multifunctional one, that needs a 50,000 tokens stake, to Midnight Blue, which is a basic version that needs no particular staking conditions. For cryptocurrency holders Visa card is a great opportunity to have access to digital money 24 hours a day, and for those, who still don’t hold any - an excellent product to start with.
An investment platform suggests making up portfolio where investors can set up personal preferences, track the growth of investment return and finally withdraw profit without penalty. Portfolios are divided according to risk distribution: a) growth: higher increase, higher risk; b) balanced: moderate growth, moderate risk; с) conservative: mild growth, minimal risk. It is a great opportunity to invest money even for a first-timer as the system is user-friendly and truly transparent and no particular crypto experience is required. Buying and selling is conducted automatically within the platform.
According to crediting program, user can get a particular amount of money to purchase something he needs and pay off afterwards.
It provides a customer with an opportunity to get the credit limit he wants, not what he is given, and to pay when he wants, as there is no statement deadlines.
Summing it up, team strives to offer blockchain solutions of high capacity, that provide secure, high-speed transactions with practically no fees. It allows to transfer money anywhere; hold multiple currencies; manage and control funds; convert and send money; do shopping using debit card; exchange them for Bitcoin or Ethereum, trade tokens on the variety of exchanges and so on. Currently, the main aim of the team is to win exit on the global rollout, so they are 100% focused on the global adoption of the platform. Upcoming Events

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