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Blue Whale Token BWX

Blockchain project for independent workers

The platform where freelancers can do things they like and receive remuneration they deserve.

Token Blockchain: Ethereum
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All Time High: $0.80 8 months ago
Current price is -96 % from ATH
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  • Vol 24h: $42.94
  • Total: 64 320 000 BWX

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About Blue Whale Token

The working conditions are constantly transforming. According to current predictions, working environment can change dramatically in the near future. Such term as “gig economy” comes into general use and becomes more popular. It is predicted that self-employed people will form a significant part of the forthcoming working space. Today there is a heavy and fast growth of this type of activity (various studies supposes that in future a substantial transition of the working population to the freelance network will take place in the next 5–10 years). Freelance is associated with freedom, but it faces a variety of disadvantages. First of all it is absence of employment benefits and stable earnings. Moreover, freelancers have to constantly search for orders by themselves, which takes great amount of time and effort. The higher the price of their services, the more time they have to spend on attracting customers. Usually, existing platforms collect tangible commissions for their third-party services, which decreasing deserved reward of independent workers. This is especially true for newcomers as it is extremely difficult for them to get rolling on the gig market at the beginning of career evolvement. The team of the project strives to bring transformation in the sphere of self-employment by creating an environment where workers will be guaranteed with steady stream of tasks, flow of clients and network of constantly interacting buyers and sellers. The CEO of the project Will Lee made the announcement that his team is striving to create a new environment where people can make a daily bread by doing what they love.
Blue Whale strives to design beneficial domain for independent workers, where they can get money for the work they’ve done fast and easily.
All financial activity between the platform users is carried out with the help of BWX token. Users can pay for services offered by other freelancers with BWX.
The distinctive feature of the Blue Whale is the individually developed “W.O.R.K” system. The abbreviation stands for Worker Optimized Reward Keeper, which symbolizes three main elements which together form the core of the platform: Contribution Activity Manager (CAM), Decentralized Associated Network (DAN) and Reward Bank (ReBa).
CAM tracks freelancers’ performance and provides platform members with BWX incentives for introducing new customers to platform workers. It offers a series of incentives that generate income for those associated with project. First of all, members of network community will be able to receive remuneration for drawing on new customers to the platform. Moreover, users will be payed off for attracting new active independent workers from different spheres. All new workers will be tested regarding the level of service quality they provide. Therefore, platform members who can check the work efficiency of platform’s newcomers will also receive awards. All independent workers get a rating for their services, which in future helps customers to take a decision when choosing a contractor. It is a crucial point for the smooth-running functioning of a decentralised network. For a high rating, freelancers will receive payments in BWX tokens.
DAN provides a variety of SaaS-based tools, such as scheduling software, tools for managing customer relationships, and tools offering advertising solutions. Freelancers can promote their own services for free by using these tools, which reduces costs on advertising. All in all, the platform represents a kind of decentralized advertising platform.
ReBa holds project’s funds and controls the distribution of inner crypto of the project. The flow of BWX coins should be transparent and reliable. Moreover, this funds can be subsequently used when allocating rewards to the freelancers by means of pensions, sick leave or other benefits.
Making a conclusion, Blue Whale project is an opportunity for independent workers to return their privileges, which undoubtedly makes this project one of the most prospective and supported one. The blockchain system can be the way which will help to return freelancers’ power. Basically, a freelancer can create his own marketplace to offer services. Moreover, it also has the competitive advantage of offering pensions and benefits. The uniqueness lies in the absence of intermediary parties, which charge large sums of money for their services. It is provided due to the implementation of a completely new technology of blockchain.

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