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Atlas Protocol

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Atlas Protocol ATP

New generation advertising platform

Developed by professionals, Atlas Protocol aims to improve advertising sphere with the help of modern blockchain technologies.

Token Blockchain: Nebulas
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All Time High: $0.036 2 years ago
Current price is -97 % from ATH
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  • Vol 24h: $186 827
  • Total: 10 000 000 000 ATP

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About Atlas Protocol

Today we observe the process of rapid development of the blockchain technologies sphere, so as a result we see lots of new various released projects. But there is obviously not enough interaction in the blockchain system. Despite the existence of smart contracts which provide us with lots of useful functions, we still didn’t perform a really appropriate mechanism of information transferring.
There were lots of attempts to overcome the problems of adverts using modern blockchain tech, but blockchain faces difficulties with that as well. This is pretty hard to advertise blockchain products because digital ad is not able to define their addresses and blockchain does not provide all the necessary interactions which are very important for marketing industry participants.
So obviously blockchain platforms need improved structure to attract people and increase their activity. To overcome this problems xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (xGBA) and Nebulas Labs (Nebulabs) established Atlas Protocol.
Atlas Protocol was founded in 2018 by professionals including former employee and senior developers from such big companies as Google and Nebulas Labs. Tech advisors participating in start up improvement include Google Ads programmer and Jide Technology co-founder Jeremy Zhou and Columbia University professor Ronghui Gu. The project developers are: the top manager of Nebulas Labs and senior Google HQ engineer who worked on machine learning apps Duran Liu and senior Google NYC engineer with 7 years of experience in advertising system Cheng Li and so on. So Atlas project has wealth of experience both in blockchain projects and internet advertising. Using this valuable experience and deep knowledge in modern technologies this start up project is striving to provide their visions and solutions to the modern advertising and marketing systems. At the beginning of its campaign this innovative start up got a very good feedback - a few million dollars invested.
Atlas Protocol (ATP) is an open protocol developed to connect users, publishers and advertisers with the help of Atlas Ads. ATP is the first app layer protocol with an open blockchain Nebulas basis. The protocol includes a special Targeting mechanism (targeting system based on users’ activities), User Data Protection and Incentive (this technology is used for privacy protection and rewards the users involved in the platform activities) and Transaction Interactive Element (elements created within transactions).
The main mission of this protocol is to build a unique marketing environment and provide more on-chain interactions.
Atlas Targeting Rank helps the data reach the appropriate audience with the help of special mechanism that uses on-chain activities. It is specialized on ads and helps the promotion. This ATR mechanism is updated all the time, so the information is always relevant to the users.
User Data Protection determines that all the information about involved users belongs to users themselves and gives data ownership back according to its principles. Also, it calculates their contribution to the platform so users can be sure they will get reward they deserve.
Transaction Interactive Element determines the general structure for blockchain users to have interaction with the others besides transactions. So it opens other ways of marketing performances such as brand adverts, viral flash-games etc.
Atlas Protocol establishes trust system in its exchanges. Users are able to take part in voting and be rewarded for their activity. Every act they managed such as vote, for example is registered in blockchain. As a result, received data can be used to analyze users’ behavior and provide correct marketing information without using offline data. So it helps to get all the necessary information and improve ad performance protecting privacy at the same time.
Atlas Protocol team is now developing a number of products on the basis of its protocol. It has already developed a platform for campaign management which helps users to start their own campaign and to analyze its efficiency. Another one platform they developed is used for data analytics which helps its clients to understand users behavior better and measure the quality of their campaign performance. Moreover, Atlas has a lot of partners to connect the industry and develop promotion. This is a partial list of them: DHVC, Bitsclub, SBCVC, Fenbushi Digital, Oneboat Capital. The start up was also mentioned in Yahoo, Bloomberg, Coindesk, The Coin Telegraph, EconoTimes, Naver and other press.
The platform is also going to perform launch a number of different projects providing more blockchain ad functions to create a full secure and improved Blockchain Interactive Advertising Traffic Alliance community.

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